About Me

In October 2012 I offered to make my friend "a proper chocolate cake” for her birthday. I made cake after cake perfecting the sponge, buttercream and ganache. I watched many YouTube videos learning how to work with chocolate. I was obsessed. Through my trials I posted photos of my creations online and got fantastic feedback. I started to get enquiries - would I make cakes to commission? I most certainly would! In February 2013 I was commissioned to make my first bespoke chocolate art cake. I’ve hardly looked back since.

Within weeks I had the fledgling of a successful business called Chocadyllic. I started supplying tea shops in Brighton on a regular basis and received commission after commission. My portfolio was growing and within a year I had made over 100 different bespoke commissions. My second year as founder and creator of Chocadyllic was driving the business forward and working on larger cakes and commissions.

Now in my third year I am developing the art side of the business - using chocolate as my medium!

My love and passion for working in art and chocolate is continually evolving. Do sign up to my newsletter to keep your finger on this chocolate pulse. Or why not contact me to discuss a Chocadyllic piece for your next celebration.

Evelyn Day portrait of a chocolate artist