Frequently Asked Questions

If you're looking for that special showstopping piece for your special occasion, look no further. Here you will find answers to most questions. If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

If you're looking for a more cost effective option Chocadyllic showpieces and sculptures are also available to hire. Contact me to find out more about this option.

All my cakes are made fresh to order. The chocolate indulgence cake lasts 7-10 days. In fact they taste best after 3 or 4 days as the chocolate infuses into the sponge.

They should last indefinitely if you choose not to eat them and keep them as a piece of art. They must be kept in a cool dark place away from direct heat sources. If you choose to eat them they will last 3-15 months.

Only in your mouth! Or if subjected to direct heat sources like radiators or lights, including English winter sunlight. Chocolate has a melting point of over 30ºC so is usually fine.

Unless it is extremely hot my chocolate cakes are designed to survive temperate summers. If it gets very hot I would recommend your occasion cake is refrigerated until about an hour before serving. For an additional fee I can provide dry ice to keep the cake cool.

Any flavours you want is the short answer. Vanilla, orange, lemon, salted caramel, coffee and walnut, banana choc-chip, millionaires salted, carrot and pecan. I will make any flavour you require, if a flavour is not listed I will develop a recipe until it is perfected - my founding principle is my cakes must taste as good as they look so all flavours will be developed carefully.

I also make a fantastic wheat-free, vegan, dairy-free chocolate cake. Wheat free, sugar free, dairy free options are all available. Nut-free options are also available. However as my kitchen contains all of these ingredients I cannot guarantee trace free.

I deliver within a 2 hour driving area from Brighton and Hove - each delivery is based on £15 per hour.

In order to make sure you aren’t disappointed we recommend the following: At least three months for large commissions or particularly bespoke or complicated designs. At least three weeks for one of our starter chocolate indulgence cakes

A starter chocolate indulgence cake costs £45. Wheat-free, vegan, dairy-free options start from £50. There are many options in making a special cake for that all important occasion which is why I offer cost-efffective designs for those with a budget to consider. I also create collectable chocolate art pieces; painting, sculptures and installations that are carefully priced to reflect the level of work involved. Whether you are looking for a cost effective solution or a grander piece Chocadyllic is here just for you.
Why not contact me and we can take it from there.

For your special cake come to my kitchen to see where the magic takes place. Over a cup of tea or a drink of your choice, we'll discuss and plan your cake taking into account themes, likes, dislikes, hobbies, flavours, styles, shapes and colours so your cake is personalised to your requirements. You can browse through my portfolio and together we’ll come up with your very own cake design. Alternatively I can create a design for you based on the consultation and will send you sketches to look at.

My portions are generous. I offer serving sizes not portion sizes - like a slice of cake rather than a small party piece. I like to provide generously so there is always plenty of cake for everyone. And if you want a large showstopper cake I can create some dummy tiers so there is enough cake for everyone without there being too much cake.

To secure your cake order a 50% deposit is payable on booking. Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable as this ensures your space on my calendar and books me out for any other potential clients. The balance is due either three months before for larger cakes or a week before for started Chocadyllic cakes. Classes and lessons need to be paid in full to secure your place. Unfortunately no refunds are available unless you can find someone else to take your place.

I use the best quality ingredients, Belgian chocolate, Dutch cocoa powder, proper Vanilla Extract and quality butter. If you specifically require organic ingredients, please ask and I will happily make your order using them.

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