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Chocolate classes and lessons

Chocolate classes are fun and full of chocolate delight and joy. All materials, chocolate and ingredients will be supplied including aprons and a box to take home your own creations. Tea, coffee, water and juice will be provided for all classes. There will of course be plenty of chocolate to eat and enjoy throughout the classes and lessons.

Classes and parties make great gifts too!

An introduction to chocolate art

In this two hour class you will learn the basics and technicalities of working with chocolate; how it melts, doesn’t melt, blooms, seizes, when to work with melted or tempered chocolate, what tempered chocolate is, and more. By the end of the class you will have a piece of chocolate art to take home with you worth £12, a certificate for completing the workshop and a crib sheet to refer to when making your own chocolate art. There will be chocolate art starter kits and tools available for you to buy so you can go home and make your own creations straight away.

No experience needed. Small classes of up to 6.

Cost £30 each

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Advanced chocolate art lessons

You will need to have completed the introduction to chocolate art lesson. In this three hour class you will learn about colouring and flavouring chocolate and more technical details of working with chocolate. You will create a chocolate box worth £25 to take home with you. As per the intro class all materials and drinks will be provided, you will also get a certificate, and a crib sheet.

You must have completed the Introduction to chocolate art class to attend this class.

Cost £40 each

Chocolate team-building events

Chocolate team-building events In this two hour experience your team will come together to create a company choctastic creation.Together we will create a company branded design to reflect your company business, ethos and outlook. A great promotional piece and a fantastic way to bring your team together.

Price TBA

cake brighton
cake brighton

Chocolate parties

Chocolate parties for kids of all ages. For those older kids champagne and strawberries can be provided.

Included in each class - ingredients (lots of chocolate), all equipment required, and your own creations to take home with you if you haven’t eaten all of them.

Each parties is designed to your requirements and will depend on the age and number the guests, and of course your budget. Chocolate fountains can also be provided. The party can take place at the Chocadyllic kitchen or your home, or the location of your party.

The chocolate parties are all about fun, fun, fun. That means getting your hands stuck into milk, white and dark chocolate, creating monster chocolate delights and eating your way through as much chocolate as your heart desires (or you can stomach!).

Cost starts from £50 per hour - individually tailored to your requirements and budget

1-2-1 baking lessons

Why do cakes sink, dome, dry out? These are a few of the questions that will be covered in this 6 hour lesson. Here you will bake your own great sponge, make delicious buttercream and divine ganache. You will be led through all the steps to making a great cake and be let into some great cake makers secret techniques. At the end of the day you will take home a delicious homemade cake with recipes and a new knowledge base of making your own cakes.

No experience needed.

Cost £120

1-2-1 Celebration cake lessons

A one to one lesson that takes place over two 6-hour days. I will teach you how to make your very own celebration cake using chocolate art. On day one you will bake the sponge, make the buttercream and design your cake. On the second day you will learn how to construct your cake and will put it together. All ingredients and materials will be provided, and a light lunch and tea and coffee will be provided.

No experience needed.

Cost £250

cake brighton

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